Warm Day In London City

Today is a warm day in London. These are rare here in England and even though we English long for sun to shine upon us and we get an excuse to ditch out coats and jumpers, we still complain “it’s too hot!’ As I sit here in the window seat of Starbucks drinking my Grande caramel, Soya, Machitto, resting my poor painful feet from the evils of my cheap plastic shoes, I watch business men  and women rush by looking restless from the heat, I wonder if it is only the heat which makes them restless or maybe something else. Could it be that they don’t enjoy their job?

I feel like a living advertisement here sitting in the window seat of Starbucks, while passes by gase at me, watching as I take a sip from my oversized branded mug. It’s funny, we are all products of branding, children of the corporate world some might say and there is little we can do about it. I despise it for what it has turned our world into but at the same time I love it! I sometimes get the feeling that my generation has everything and nothing to fight for and so we have no direction, other times I feel that we have so much to fight for and to change, but little is said about the worlds troubles and so we have this illusion of a perfect world. Quiet frankly, If people are being trafficked and there are still people sleeping on the streets that is enough for me to decided that we do not yet live in a perfect world.

I believe that to truly be happy, you must find out what you want your life to be like, go through change of thoughts and change of beliefs and design your own life as well as finding your own calling. Whether it is to my gain or my destruction I get the freedom to do that without having responsibilities that war, poverty or necessity brings with it and I am so thankful for that.

In little less than a month I will be moving to Madrid, I speak little Spanish, I don’t really have any money, no job as of yet, no friends out their apart from my boyfriend whom I refuse to rely on. It is gonna be tough at the start but if I don’t put myself into these situations then I will never truly know what life is about.


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  1. Hi there,

    I am the editor of Expatica Spain – http://www.expatica.com – and I love the feel of your blog and seeing that you are soon moving to Madrid – I was wondering if you would like to contribute some of your future blogs to our site.

    If so, please email me.


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