Hello Madrid!

Hello again, I have not written in a long time due to traveling around to visit family and friends and packing up my life in England. My life is now officially in my best friend basement (a slightly morbid thought). During the days leading up to the move to Madrid, I experienced so many bad emotions, that at one point I had to question; – “Was it really worth it?”

These emotions were, sadness that I was leaving my family and friends, anxiety about if I was going to have enough money to survive. Fear that I would not like it. Stress from packing my life up, putting a third of my clothes in my friends basement and throwing a third away (eek, trust me, this was a high stress time!) However, when it came down to it, all these bad emotions were out-weighted by the excitement and the desire to experience something new…and I am glad that I have done so!


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