Packing Traumas

So I know that packing is not an easy thing. I was never under any illusion that it would be, but seriously? OH MY GOODNESS, ITS STRESSFUL!  You see, when I am packing for a holiday I don’t try to stuff things in, I am quiet a sensible packer. Now packing to move is sooo different. I was kindly introduced to my new nemesis…baggage weight! I had to fit everything I wanted to take in a 15 kg bag and hand luggage bag that could be no heavier than 10 kg. Now you might say, ‘Why complain you have 25 kg altogether surely that is enough?’ Well when you have a laptop that with its case weighed 5 kg and the suitcase weighed 2 kg I didn’t have much room for anything else.

Now after my boyfriends skillful packing I got the clothes in that I wanted, even though there may have been some tantrums about why I needed 11 dresses, ‘that much make up’ and ‘that many books’. It was finally done and all the bags weighed the right amount. ‘Phew’ I thought.

Then I saw it, how could I have forgotten such an important thing in my life…My DSLR Camera that is usually fixed to my face. Ok, this Camera only weighs 1.5 kg I can fit it in, can’t I? Nope sorry, I was told. Maybe I could get it at Christmas? I thought about it for a millisecond and stopped. Why on earth was I contemplating this? This camera was coming with me! My first thought was to put it around my neck, then I was told it would be classed as hand luggage, I may have to pay an extra £30 for it! This was the last straw, my stress manifested itself into rage. ‘Take my clothes out I screamed! I don’t need clothes!’ In-fact, do I need my laptop, take it out, take it out? I had turned into a crazed woman and that camera was coming with me! Now I guess I could be excused by the fact that it was 1 am in the morning and we were traveling the next day at 8. We had been packing for two days, and previous to that I had thrown or let behind most of my things. Towards the end of trying everything, nothing worked, everything was so tightly packed. We decided that we would just slip it into my hand luggage and deal with it at the airport, if and when the time comes…and it didn’t. They never even weighed my suitcase.

I am so thankful for my boyfriends patience and understanding. I don’t think that I would have been in such a lovely place if he hadn’t have just let me be a pain and did everything he possibly could to help me. I am not usually this high maintenance…Well not always. 😉


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