The feeling of experiencing new for the first time.

Storm In Madrid

Storm In Madrid

Do you remember when you were really little and you experienced something for the first time? Life was such an adventure! Being an adult means that sometimes it take a little more to experience that same feeling. However, moving to Madrid has given me the opportunity to feel like a child again (I guess not that I stopped). I am constantly walking around, saying words like a child learning to speak for the first time would do. I feel great achievement when I have a conversation for the first time in Spanish to someone. I watch TV only really understanding little bits. I am completely new to this language and so the world seems a slightly confusing and frustrating place to me right now, but I love it!!

Now, what got me thinking about this was the Storm Madrid had on Wednesday night. The sky turned an almost orange/grey colour. The lighting was hard and frequent, and lit up the sky like a firework. I count…1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi…Crash!!! (It was close by). The air smelt warm and dusty. The huge raindrops falling and hitting the trees made a rustling sound. I was like an excitable child. I was running around my flat, wanting to see the lighting from different angles. It was so exhilarating! I got goose bumps! It felt like my first ever storm and I loved it!

I was soon brought back to adulthood, when the rain started to leak through the wooden windows of the flat. I had to get towels to mop up the rain and to try and stop it leaking in through the bottom of the window ledge. (A quick tip for those thinking of buying a flat here in Madrid. The windows are old in some flats, so make sure you look at the windows to see if they have a seal or better still get plastic ones, however it doesn’t rain much). Once the rain had calmed down I got into bed to watch the remainder of the storm through the skylight and regressed back into feeling like I was seeing this all for the first time! Its a great feeling.

To all of you out there that feel you need a little excitement in your lives, I propose packing up your things and leaving the home comforts of your country and embarking on an adventure. You will begin to appreciate the small things in life a lot more. 🙂

I now can add my pictures!!! I got a card reader so now my blog will look prettier!


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